Thursday, 28 October 2010

I seem to have an inordinate amount of Lost dreams

It's a show I watched from the beginning to the end when it was on telly. And I loved it but I haven't thought about it or watched it since it ended.

So the dream started off with Arnst (Arst) the Dr. (?) from series one (?). He was talking about dynamite just before they were due to blow up the Black Rock. He was waving it around and making everyone look as if he was about to blow himself up. He then talked about some dud dynamite that wouldn't work and threw it into the ship.

The ship blew up and he jumped. The force of the jump blew him, and the dynamite he was holding, up.

The ship fell over and we all scrambled to get out of the way. I can only remember Hurley and Michael there. For some reason we were looking for a hammer. Hurley pointed to one that flew past us from the blast and Michael said, "Yo, that aint the one we are looking for. It's not crumblin'"

The ship missed us and we carried on out merry way. We then came across an allotment and we knew that Danielle would be here so we'd have to be careful. There was a bungalow, a fence and some Jack Russells too.

Eventually we found Danielle and her children. We then moved on.

We found these plush villas where Jack, Sawyer, Sayid and Kate were all hanging out. They were drinking mulled wine and lounging around on satin cushions. Then there was dancing. Rose and Bernard were getting particularly into it and Sayid and Sawyer had a snog on the dancefloor.

We then needed to get down to business. I went with Jack, Hurley and Sawyer to the top of a mountain where we could spy on the others. They were backing their white pick up truck into a garage. Then Kate was there! Was Kate working with the others.

I wasn't sure but it didn't seem to matter. We went back to the beautiful multi-level open plan villas and drank more wine and danced.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

New layout and my sucky life

First take a moment to embrace a less dark, much prettier view in front of you. I like it. Much less oppressive.

Now listen to me moan about my life. Firstly my Grandad. He's ill, has been in NNUH for a week or two now. Fucking hates it there. The nurses are mean to him and he always looks so forlorn and uncomfortable when we visit him. I've offered to stab any mean nurses in the face, he laughed it off. I was serious.

Supernatural dream

I was in a dungeon fighting against my friend Alex who was possessed. I was told by Dean Winchester that I had to stab her with the knife then cut off a body part to kill her. My cat, Powder, was also helping her. I'd have to kill my cat too.

After a bit of a fight I stabbed Alex in the head then cut off her arm. I was crying, that was my friend.

I then had to get on a train. I was standing on the plat form and tried to buy a ticket when the train turned up. I was told that the train was full and I couldn't buy a ticket. Loads of people I was told me it was okay. So we had to wait for the next train. It was a cold day and although I had my coat on I had no gloves.

Dean was still there, he was wearing stripy gloves. He held my hands.

Train then turned up and I went to mum's to repair the relationship with my cat who'd come back to life.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My funeral...

I had a quick disturbing dream about going to my wake before I'd even died. I had some sort of terminal illness that said I'd die on a particular date. It wasn't like cancer or anything. I felt fine. I decided to invite anyone I'd even been friends with to my party. There were a lot of old school friends there and there was a wall where they could post farewell message to me.

I went to look at the wall, there were only one or two things there. One said:

"I love you - Tom."

I knew who it was and in real life I haven't spoken to this guy since highschool and even then we weren't really friends.

That set me off. I went to speak to Ben telling him that this couldn't be real and that I felt fine so how could I die the next day. I've never felt so heart broken in my life. I didn't want to leave these fantastic people. I didn't want to leave Ben.

I hugged Tom, didn't need to say I wasn't interested. It didn't really matter, I loved Ben and I was about to die.

The next day, I didn't die...

More Sylar

This is only vague and was a few days ago but I remember waking up and feeling quite happy about it. I was at Heathrow airport just sitting around waiting for a plane when Sylar came and sat next to me. I was surprised that he was being so pleasant and he asked me if I wanted to go for a coffee. We went out and sat outside this cafe.

Laura Anderson, a friend from years and years ago who I probably wouldn't recognise now, served us.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I am posting this short piece for criticism - and hopefully a bit of praise - that makes me uncomfortable for two reasons.

1) I never write like this, my writing is usually much more simplistic or is non-fiction SEO articles on flowers...
2) I don't take critique well.

Largely unedited, so please point out typos, grammar errors. I'm rubbish with first person so point out any tense errors too. Thanks in advance for this. I need to improve.

The light bounced off the dancing mass throwing them into a world of colour, pink heads, green torsos and yellow legs. It was fascinating to watch, a perfect rainbow moving in time to the throb of the music. It might be the alcohol running through me that was making me think like this but I couldn't take my eyes off them. The trance like movements of everyone bouncing together just made me stare. It was like some magical force was pulling them all together and throwing them into this insane light orgy.

My drink was empty and my mouth was dry, I probably could have done with rehydrating myself, a glass of water before the next wave of alcohol. I wouldn't. That wasn't me, I didn't stop to think about how the alcohol would feel the next morning. I didn't stop to think about being too hungover for school. I already knew I'd be taking the day off. I knew that I'd just phone in and pretend to be my mum. I'd done it often and I'd do it again.

Standing in this club and feeling the beat vibrate through me was very much worth the time I'd miss. I was experiencing life and this life was much more exciting than education. Somewhere under the alcohol haze I wanted to do well at school. I wanted to qualifications and I wanted a high paying creative job. Maybe I could just own a club that would make me happy beyond belief.

I suppose I could have renounced drink and clubbed without the fun intoxication. But would I still feel like this? Was the euphoria I was feeling down to the music or the alcohol? Or was it a combination of both? The latter probably. I wasn't going to stop, I had friends who did this every night, I couldn't miss out just because it was a Wednesday evening. Was it Wednesday or Thursday? It might be past midnight, the dance floor is busy, busier than I would have imagined for the middle of the week. Maybe there was a party.

The massive moving music orgy slowed as the song changed only to begin bouncing as soon as the next thud of bass arrived. I looked down at my empty drink and sighed, I needed to get up and get to the bar. No table service here, no tables. I'd been sat on a leather sofa near the dance floor. This was the best vantage point to watch those people. Although none of them were individuals, I'd been seeing those dancers as one. I wasn't here to pick out people. I wasn't here to pull like most others. Although when I think about it I suppose most of the people in that group were hooking up with someone else next to them. Groping, feeling, touching, throbbing. It was fine because it was what music did to you.

I wrapped my fingers around the cool glass and stood, I didn't know how long I'd been alone for but it didn't matter. I didn't need people to chat to. The music was too loud, anyway it was all the conversation I needed.

The bar was crowded, there were people all along its length, it didn't take me long to squeeze myself into a gap that was probably too small for me. Those people moved, I don't know how long I stood there for but it was a while before I got served. I wasn't waving my money about frantically I was just watching the bar staff go through the motions of serving these people around me. I was also enjoying the heat of being squeezed between these people to feel their movements as they reached into their pockets for money or took their drink from the bar.

When the pain in the ball of my feet from six inch heels was too much to bear I rested my elbow on the bar, tenner in hand. I wasn't here for my health, clearly, I was here for a drink. With a bit of a shouting and a bit of pointing I ordered a new glittering glass of rosé wine. A large one. I then slid away from the bar and back to my vantage point. It seemed I was no longer alone, I recognised one of those people, the person I was supposed to be out with in the first place. She was talking to people who appeared to be strangers to me.

That didn't stop me from sitting down and taking the weight of my aching feet. I then just watched them, wasn't bothered by the lack of recognition. I didn't lean in to hear what they were talking about but instead decided to speculate on their conversation. Inappropriate parrots, dancing bears and Russian meerkats. My drunken mind took me into the realms of obscurity and I watched them, smiling when they smiled and laughing when it rippled through the group towards me.